The end of the Era of Good Feelings


September 23, 2013 by Lorene

Many major advances in the arts and education happened during Monroe’s time as President, also known for a while as the Era of Good Feelings. American writers became more popular than English authors. Boston opened the nations first ‘high school’ in 1821.

After his two terms in office, he was $75,000 in debt – $53,000 of it he was owed from Congress for his salary/expenses for his London and Paris missions. He decided to sell his $3500 acre Highland plantation near Charlottesville because he and Eliza did not need two plantations to tend in retirement.

When they left the White House, the Monroe’s left most of their French furnishings to their successors. They moved to Oak Hill in Louden County, which he had inherited from his uncle.


One thought on “The end of the Era of Good Feelings

  1. Doris Sweeney says:

    Boy has the debt grown since then!!!!

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