Not Much to Say About James Buchanan

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June 5, 2014 by Lorene

He really thought he could bring the north and south together and avoid war, but he just was not up to that challenge.

He was serving in Russian and Great Britain when a lot of nonsense was going on in the US, so he didn’t have to take positions that would hurt him politically.

He was not pro-slavery, but he believed the constitution allowed it, so it needed to be protected. He supported the Dred Scott decision, which came the same week Buchanan took office. Dred Scott was born in a slave state, but later moved with his master to a free state. He sued for his freedom and the Supreme Court said he was not a citizen, as a black man and slave, so he could not sue.

Apparently, there was talk of him being responsible for the Civil War, but he clearly wasn’t.


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