Madhouse on Madison

The “new” Chicago Stadium was the site of the 1932 Democratic Convention. The stadium had air conditioning, ¬†which perhaps would change the course of history. In the past, convention goers would count on the oppressive summer heat to break a deadlock.

Another first… FDR flew to Chicago the next day to accept the nomination. No presidential nominee had ever accepted the nomination in person.



FDR’s 1932 Presidential campaign was the first Presidential campaign to use opinion polls.


FDR purchased Warm Springs and set it up as a rehab for people with paralysis. “$42 a week covered board, lodging, pool charges, etc. – in fact, everything except your traveling expenses and cigarette money.”

FDR established a fund for patients who could not afford the fee, so nobody was turned away.

The March of Dimes was first organized to raise money for Warm Springs until the mission changed to assist “polio research nationally.”

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