Even More Interesting Stuff on Cleveland

I seriously underestimated this guy. The candy bar Baby Ruth was named after his baby Ruth, not Babe Ruth. His second child Esther was the first child born in the White House.

One of Cleveland’s biographers, George Parker, was the first press secretary. He collected clippings of Cleveland’s speeches and helped him work the press.

Lizzie Borden went on trial during his second Presidency.

He had secret mouth cancer surgery on a boat on the East River in NYC.

A man from Ohio organized the first march on Washington in 1894. He wanted the government to issue “$500 million in irredeemable paper money for highway construction.” He basically wanted government relief from the financial depression. Congress turned him down, so he organized a march. He ended up being arrested for trespassing on the Capitol lawn.


Tidbits about President Cleveland

So, I may have spoken too soon as far as my previous post saying that not much is jumping out at me.

He was the first President to recognize Labor and signed many bills legalizing the importance of national trade unions, the banning of imported contract labor, and cutting the workday for mailmen to eight hours.

Speaking for the U.S., he accepted the gift of the Statue of Liberty to be installed in New York Harbor.

His was the first wedding in the White House. John Phillips Sousa was the leader of the U.S. Marine Corps band. He changed the “traditional bridal vow from ‘love, honor and obey,’ to ‘love, honor and keep.’ “

Not Much Stands Out About Grover Cleveland As He Starts His First Presidential Term

I’m halfway through the book and he is in his first Presidency. In his career as Mayor and Sheriff of Buffalo and Governor of New York, he vetoes almost everything as he feels like most bills are “a raid on the treasury.”

His Vice President died during his first term in 1885, so he used that as an example to Congress why there needs to be a Constitutional Amendment detailing a succession plan for heads of executive departments. This became knows as the Presidential Succession Act.

Also, the city of Cleveland, Ohio, was named for his grandfather.

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