Hoover Briefly Met Hitler

FDR beat Hoover in the 1932 election and was inaugurated in 1932. In 1938, Hoover visited Europe, “Where he briefly met Adolf Hilter.” “Hoover was impressed by Hitler’s intelligence, but noted the dictator’s ‘furious anger.’ He said Hitler was ‘partly insane’ and he warned that totalitarianism was ‘on the march.'”

In 1939, Hitler invaded Poland and World War II began.


Hoover’s accomplishments as Commerce Secretary

Hoover was appointed by Harding to the position of Commerce Secretary. After Harding’s death, he stayed in the position in the Coolidge administration. His major accomplishments included standardizing sizes for nuts/bolts, doors and windows when building new houses. Also, he standardized tire sizes for cars. Standardization helped bring down the price for many household items, houses and cars.

Herbert and Lou Hoover – Librarians?

The Hoovers lived in  London while Herbert was working for a mining company. One of his assignements was to catalog and standardize international mining laws. Lou, who had learned Mandarin while they lived in China, translated the laws for him.

When we wrote his first book, The Principles of Mining, she helped him organize it. Together, they translated a famous book about mining written in the 1500s. They paid for it to be printed and gave most of their copies away to schools and students.

Presidents who Tweet

Mashable has a slide show of 25 dead Presidents to follow on Twitter.  I’ve looked at each account and some of them are really funny. For example, John Quincy Adams is a diehard Harry Potter fan.  A grade school student tweeted that she finished her report on Millard Fillmore and he replied to her that he would be happy to check it for accuracy. Herbert Hoover wonders where Nate Silver was when he needed him.

Some of them are not funny at all and some of them do not tweet very often. But, if you are on Twitter, they are definitely worth checking out.




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